Operations of the anterior segment

Cataract surgery

The clouded lens is fragmented using ultrasound and replaced with an artificial lens. This lens usually remains in the eye for life. In some cases, the use of a specialized lens can be beneficial, for example, astigmatism can be corrected with a toric intraocular lens.

Glaucoma Operation

The operation is performed under local anesthesia with the administration of sedatives. To lower intraocular pressure, a drainage is created under the conjunctiva during the so-called filtration surgery.

Corneal Transplant

Operating keratoplasty. The corneal transplantation takes place in local anesthesia and the administration of sedatives. The guided trepan system according to Dr. Crumbs used. The cornea transplant is the most frequently carried out transplant.

Operation Of The Wing Fur

Operation of the wing fur – pterygium operation. This operation is also carried out in local anesthesia. The pathologically modified conjunctiva must be removed surgically if it grows towards the center of the cornea and endanger eyesight or complaints.

Operations On The Tear Ducts

Tear Duct Probing And Flushing

Lacrimal duct lavage under short mask anesthesia is performed on small children with congenital narrowing of the lacrimal ducts if there is no spontaneous improvement

Insertion Of Punctum Plugs ©

In selected cases of very dry eyes, the nasal duct can be temporarily closed under local anesthesia in order to keep the tear fluid in

The Silicone Tube Intubation

Silicone tube intubation is used in children and adults when the lacrimal ducts are narrowed but not completely closed (relative stenosis). The principle is to

Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)

DCR is the method of choice for adult patients whose tear ducts are completely blocked. This operation is always performed under general anesthesia. During this

Operations On The Eyelids

Removal Of Small Eyelid Tumors

Small benign skin tumors such as chalazion, stye (hordeolum), papillomas, fibromas are removed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. These procedures are usually performed

Removal Of Malignant Tumors

In selected cases of very dry eyes, the nasal duct can be temporarily closed under local anesthesia in order to keep the tear fluid in

Upper And Lower Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures with excellent results. The so-called blepharoplasty includes all surgical techniques that improve the “drooping

Surgery Of The Drooping Upper Eyelid (Ptosis)

Ptosis is a weakness of the eyelid that can be accompanied by a covering of the pupil. A distinction is made between congenital ptosis (ptosis

Operation Against Inward Rolling Or Outward Rotation Of The Eyelid Entropion Or Ectropion

In the course of life, the lid frenulum can sag. This results in either inward rolling or outward rotation of the lower eyelids. These eyelid

Entering Drugs Into The Vitreous Cavity

Treatment Of Age-Related Wet Macular Degeneration

Age-related wet macular degeneration (AMD) can sometimes be treated by administering medication to the vitreous cavity of the eye. Therapy should start as early as

Treatment Of Retinal Vein Occlusions

When macular edema occurs, the treatment of occlusions in the retinal vein often consists of administering a drug into the vitreous cavity. In some cases,

Treatment Of Diabetic Macular Edema

As the disease progresses, diabetes mellitus can lead to a thickening of the middle of the retina. This macular edema, which impairs visual performance, can

Surgery For Strabismus

Dr. med. Bettina Sommer performs orthoptic treatments in cooperation with our practice. She performs outpatient and inpatient strabismus surgeries at the Herzog Carl Theodor Eye

Laser treatments

Interventions With The Argon Laser

Treatment of retinal holes or their precursors to avoid retinal detachment

Procedures With The YAG Laser

Treatment of the secondary cataract after cataract surgery – Cataracta secundaria. This very common laser treatment is performed to improve vision when the pupil is dilated. 

Before and after the operation practice team

Behavior Before Cataract Surgery

Behavior before cataract surgery: Please call as discussed to confirm the exact appointment time (see appointment slip). For download: Verhalten vor der Staroperation.pdf

Behavior After Cataract Surgery

Behavior after cataract surgery:

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