Behavior before cataract surgery

Behavior before cataract surgery:

Please call as discussed to confirm the exact appointment time (see appointment slip).

  • Report to the practice on the day of the surgery.
  • Please bring your insurance card. If a new quarter has begun, a valid referral from an ophthalmologist/family doctor is necessary.
  • Please bring the completed anesthesia, consent and questionnaire forms, as well as ECG and laboratory values.
  • Take your medications on the day of the surgery as usual (including aspirin, warfarin or other blood thinners). Please come to the surgery with an empty stomach, which means that you cannot eat anything 6 hours before, but drinking a cup of tea is allowed.
  • Please do not wear makeup on the eye area before the surgery and refrain from using skin cream.
  • If you received sedatives during the surgery, you are not allowed to travel home alone by public transport after the surgery. Please arrange for a companion; alternatively, you may take a taxi home alone.

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