Surgery of the drooping upper eyelid (ptosis)

Ptosis is a weakness of the eyelid that can be accompanied by a covering of the pupil. A distinction is made between congenital ptosis (ptosis congenita) and acquired ptosis. A distinction is made here between traumatic ptosis, paralysis-related ptosis, senile ptosis, ptosis associated with muscle diseases (e.g. myasthenia gravis) or ptosis due to damage to the sympathetic fibers (Horner syndrome). After clarification and elimination of possible causes, surgical correction of the ptosis is possible in most cases. All common ptosis surgery procedures are offered (levator resection, levator folding, levator reinsertion and frontalis suspension). An overdose should be avoided so that the lid closure is still guaranteed postoperatively, as otherwise the cornea could dry out. These operations are usually performed on an inpatient basis at the Herzog Carl-Theodor Eye Clinic.

Essien eye Care

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