Dr. med. Antje Rehfeld

1991 – 1998She studied human medicine in Hamburg, Heidelberg, and Paris
1995 – 1996Scholarship at the University of Kentucky, USA
1997American State Examination Stage 1 & 2 (ECFMG)
1998 – 2000
Intern at the University Eye Hospital Mannheim/
2000License to practice
2001 – 2005
Advanced training in ophthalmology with Dr. Drexel at
the Herzog Carl Theodor Ophthalmological Clinic and others Fiedler /
Dr. Baumgarten in Munich
2005Ophthalmologist, Munich
2005 – 2007Junior Physician Assistant at Prof. Schwarm in Munich
2007 – 2012
Physician Assistant at Dr. Drexel’s Clinic at the Herzog
Carl Theodor Eye Clinic
2008Doctoral defense
since July 2012Attending physician at the Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Clinic
since January 2014Joint activity with prof. other honey. W. Schaller


Member of the Professional Association of Ophthalmologists (PAO)
Member of the German Ophthalmological Society (NOO)

Essien eye Care

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